It is our core belief that in any major decision you should seek the type of advisor who will take the time to understand the gears and important levers in ALL major parts of your life.  With this battery of valuable insight, the professional can bring it all together to help you make powerful choices that solve the goal at hand in unison with those the other major parts of life.  Imagine the confidence in making the same major life decisions of your past with this approach. So whether it’s your CPA, your financial advisor, your manager and even your therapist, seek advisors that take this approach.

Jason, a client I admire hugely in so many ways is the perfect example. When he first moved to Austin his insurance business was scaling. At the time, he could have bought a $1m home or more. During our diagnostic of needs meeting we recognized his business needed a lot of investment at that time and was poised to grow rapidly if he did exactly that. At the time the market still had a solid 3-4 years of high appreciation ahead in our opinion. We advised him to scale back and buy a $650k home by putting his business first and investing more there.  As a single person, he also didn’t t have a family’s needs to weigh out. He took our strategic and global minded advise layering the major parts of life into this real estate choice.   He vested the rest in his business which allowed him to scale to earning a $1m a year within 15 months! He has told me countless times that the company would not have scaled that rapidly had we not taken this approach. Additionally the value of his home moved up 40% during that time! 2 years ago we sold his home, he bought a $1.7m property on the lake and fully built his dream home where he and his wife also host growth centered workshops! The words they regularly use are, “we pinch ourselves every day when we wake up and see the tranquil waters and beautiful hills of Lake Austin!”

At the Morshed Group, we take major pride in being strategic advisors to each and every client.  We represent the whole you, not just the singular part with a home need.   Learn more about how we can serve the whole you via a FREE consultation with Tarek Morshed.