About West Lake Hills

January 11, 2016 – 2 Minute Read

Referred to as a “suburb” of Austin, the West Lake Hills neighborhood’s proximity to MoPac and Loop 360 make this coveted neighborhood a seamless part of the Austin metro area. The West Lake Hills city limits begin just a few blocks West of MoPac & Zilker Park, making this 4-square-mile community one of our city’s most desired areas to live. Downtown skyline views to the North, and hill country views to the Southwest, this central location makes the 5-10 minute commute downtown as pleasant as a Sunday drive. Add the acclaimed school district, handsomely designed homes and tree-covered lots, rolling hills and ordinances that limit the untidiness off too many signs or high-rises, and you’ve got yourself one of the best places to call home in Austin.

One World Theatre austin texas

One World Theatre

Besides being a venue for music, dance, and performing arts, the One World Theatre is an AMAZING venue to hold an event or wedding. Originally starting out as a non-profit organization which brought culturally-diverse artists to perform in their arts school, they have been on a mission to educate and inspire children and adults with innovative multicultural entertainment programs since 1999. Ever since I attended an awards event years back, I continue to patronize One World Theatre because there is simply not a bad seat in the house, and you can see an artist you love in the most intimate of settings. Check it out!