Top 3 Items Needed for Remote Work

June 18, 2020 – 3 Minute Read

items for remote work

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, the world has shifted dramatically in the past several months and office work has shifted to home office work and some argue that the trend might stick. Even before Covid-19 hit, there was an upward trend toward remote work especially here in Austin. Here’s a quick list to get you started.


Maybe your company is providing you with the software you need. If not or if you find yourself working for yourself, in a start-up or just need extra software help, there are several free software options or software with trial periods to get you started. Usually, the one you start with, is the one you stick with, for a while if you’re pressed for time and on the go-go-go. That’s been my experience anyway. But don’t let that keep you from even trying. At some point, you can make a switch.


A dedicated space is the advice given time and again. However, some of us may not have had the foresight to have seen Covid-19 coming and opted for a rad docking bay for a hovercraft instead. Yes- I said rad. But never fear, there are creative ways to work around “dedicated” space. I recommend reading Bloomberg’s article for creative spaces. Sometimes it is a matter of mind over matter which leads us to the 3rd item.

After reading many articles, interviewing entrepreneurs and founders on our video podcast, the Entrepreneurial Home Podcast, and from personal experience, this has been a common and consistent theme: Make yourself a schedule. It is imperative to remote work and especially if that remote work is being done at home! If you value your sanity and you don’t what your family life to become the board game Clue, know when enough is enough. Schedule work time and a kill switch so that you can differentiate work from your personal time.
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