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What are people saying about Tarek?

“Personalization. Incredible follow up, 10 years out from his initial help! Besides being kind, ethical, and trustworthy, he goes above and beyond in sharing expertise & contacts (handyman, arborist, landscapers.)
– Amina Haji

“I recommend Tarek to everyone because of how he develops the relationship with each and every person.  When he’s with you, you are his only client.”
– Achi Alladin Haria

I want people to have the best realtor in Austin. I am picky and choosy. If Tarek can put up with me and successfully guide me though the process of getting what I want, he can help anyone do the same.”

“Tarek has stayed in touch over many years, and is always ready to help with information, even when there’s no immediate income-producing job.  He’s a great guy, and I think of him as a friend.”
– Megan Crowhurst

“Tarek knows more about residential, commercial & development in Central Austin than anyone I have ever met. Tarek builds relationships with all of his clients and truly cares about each and every one of them.”
– Steve Vinklarek 

“Tarek is fully engaged at ensuring his clients get the full customer experience from the day he meets them throughout the relationship. He gets referrals from me and that’s why I recommend him.”
– Steve D. Johnson

“Tarek is incredibly caring. He educates with respect to many things including individual homes, the Austin market, and the local supply/demand cycles. He has done a great job helping me, my family, and my friends.”

“Tarek goes above and beyond every single time, whether personal or business. He truly cares about his clients and friends, and it shows in his work and his attention to detail. He is an exceptional agent and friend.”

“I’ve used four residential realtors. Tarek’s knowledge and experience is so far beyond anyone else it’s amazing. He unequivocally will not steer someone wrong; giving honest advice even if it’s not to buy right now.”