About the Community of Tarrytown

July 14, 2011 – 2 Minute Read

The Tarrytown neighborhood has everything from 1920s cottages to new mansions, but it predominantly consists of large, older homes. Minutes west of downtown, this beautiful and affluent neighborhood is bordered by Lake Austin Boulevard on the south, Lake Austin on the west, West 35th Street on the north, and Highway 1 (Mopac) on the east. Adorned with the lush foliage from old shade trees, Tarrytown is known to be quiet, distinguished, and impeccably maintained.

Or should I say spotlights? And so many of them! One of my favorite holiday traditions is going around and seeing all of the beautiful light displays. The charming, historic homes of Tarrytown are simply spectacular during the Christmas season. Oh, the green and red lights give off a fantastic glow that really gets you into the Christmas spirit. And not to mention the many scenes, from nativity to Santa and his reindeer, the spectacular residents of Tarrytown know how to celebrate the occasion. If you venture to this area of Austin this time of year, you won’t be disappointed. I suggest stopping at Mozart’s Coffee by the Oyster Landing Marina and grab some hot cider, hot chocolate, or cappuccino for the drive!

Tarrtown Neighborhood

Tarrytown Neighborhood Map