Kyle Nitchy

Real Estate Professional

Direct from the Golden City of San Francisco, Kyle is a dynamic individual with a strong commitment to professional growth. Kyle is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit we offer to our clients at The Morshed Group.

Motivated by the events of September 11th, Kyle volunteered to serve in the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. Post-military, he revived his affinity for the arts and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting and Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University. This academic achievement, accompanied by his leadership training, laid the foundation for his roles in future business ventures.

A pioneering visionary, Kyle boasts a track record of business ownership, including the innovative venture Jackpop Popcorn, blending unique flavors with a healthy twist in the popcorn game, quickly becoming a sought after delicacy dominating farmers markets in San Francisco.

Kyle’s life and business experience has been critical in helping clients as a servant leader to achieve their real estate and business objectives. Kyle employs a data driven and analytic approach, fostering open communication and actively informing and educating clients. In addition to his professional pursuits, he equally treasures precious family moments with his wife and son.Whether it’s dedicating quality time during busy weeks, or creating meaningful traditions, Kyle consistently demonstrates his commitment to cultivating a strong and loving family bond.