Daniel Montanez

Real Estate Professional
Daniel started his career as a serial entrepreneur during his undergrad years at New York University by launching Color Management Group with classmates in the color science engineering dept. The formed a training agency to help analog printing companies transition and succeed in the new digital printing age. This first company grew to international status with offices in New York, San Diego, Brussels, and Milano and over 120 employees within 4 years. A sale occurred followed by a career of finding niches for which to build and scale other companies within the printing industry.

Daniel has founded, scaled and sold 5 companies including his most recent venture in 2018, Statement Walls as well as achieved an MBA and a Master of Science in Marketing from NYU. He attributes his success to his constant questioning of the status quo. He believes that every industry has gaps where they could better serve their customers and make for longer more fruitful relationships. Daniel has also been a buyer and investor of multiple properties (commercial and residential) throughout the Northeast.

Now living in Texas, he chose to enter the real estate industry via the The Morshed Group with plans to disrupt the status quo once again. He is an integral part of our biz dev side with a primary focus in client representation as an agent. Daniel has never considered himself a salesperson versus a partner when working with customers. That ideology combined with his vast entrepreneurial experiences and spirit make Daniel a powerful addition to The Morshed Group.