Brad Baker

Real Estate Professional

Brad is a passionate young entrepreneur with a big smile. He grew up in a small town in Colorado with dreams of making a difference. Throughout his college years, he started several small businesses. One of those, The Roaring 20’s, a brand aimed to educate the younger generation on the powerful impacts of personal development. His own experiences with personal development were impactful, and he wanted to share his growth with others.

Going into his senior year of college, he knew it was time for a transition in his work experience. He accepted a job as a car salesman, and quickly became the top performer in the company. He credits his success in the car business to going against the norm and building real trust with his clients.

After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Business, Brad felt a new calling in Austin Texas. He chose to explore his passion in real estate, and joined The Morshed Group. Similarly to the car business, he believes there’s a need for honesty in the real estate industry. The Morshed Group’s core purpose is just that. He believes his love for people and past experiences will be impactful to his clients, and building lasting relationships.