January 11, 2022 – 2 Minute Read

Do burn your boats, don’t burn your bridges! Successful entrepreneur Jason Crawford of new venture Sovereignty and of Bixby Zane, shares his entrepreneurial journeys and invaluable insight that remains true in good times and especially now during a pandemic!

Hi everyone, during shelter in place, we changed up our format a bit in hopes of sharing ideas and valuable information to strengthen our community while supporting fellow entrepreneurs and businesses that may have been struggling during COVID-19.

I’m Tarek Morshed with The Morshed Group at Sothebys, where we specialize in representing entrepreneurs and founders in residential Real Estate. Welcome to The Entrepreneurial Home Podcast where we interview Austin’s most successful men and women and discuss their business journeys and the entrepreneurial home that empowers them to thrive – both in business and in life. We interviewed with Jason Crawford, founder of Sovereignty.

Jason Crawford is a founder multiple times over. Looking for a more holistic, nature-centric approach to health and wellness that would bring balance to both mind and body, Sovereignty was created to fill a need that was largely ignored by traditional Western medicine and conventional CBD-based products. To fill this void, Sovereignty created a regime of daily supplements that blend ancient Eastern plant-medicine with highly functioning bio-available cannabinoids to help everyone reach their full potential.

Previously, upon completing his degree in Business Administration (MIS) with honors from the University of Texas, Jason worked directly in outsourced HR, benefits and payroll solutions, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge of their inner workings. He opened his own specialty  insurance services company and quickly saw a key ingredient missing in the relationship between providers and their clients and built Bixby Zane to fill the gap.  Bixby Zane made Inc. 500 three years in a row due to explosive growth through a huge gamble made during the last economic downturn.

(0:44) Zoom Introduction

(1:18) Who Jason Crawford is to The Morshed Group

(3:20) Entrepreneurial journey

(7:01) Bixby Zane journey

(14:48) About Sovereignty

(31:07) Covid-19 Impact on buisness and advice

(40:20) Resources used during this time

(45:45) Effective Workspace Tips

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