January 11, 2022 – 2 Minute Read

With a pandemic not only threatening our health but our business as well; now add recent riots as a concern. In this coincidental episode of the Entrepreneurial Home Podcast, our guest Frank Barbella of SOLV Risk Solutions dives into insurance in a way that may help your business survive if not prepare it properly in the days to come.

Hi everyone, during shelter in place, we changed up our format a bit in hopes of sharing ideas and valuable information to strengthen our community while supporting fellow entrepreneurs and businesses that may have been struggling during COVID-19.

I’m Tarek Morshed with The Morshed Group at Sothebys, where we specialize in representing entrepreneurs and founders in residential Real Estate. Welcome to The Entrepreneurial Home Podcast where we interview Austin’s most successful men and women and discuss their business journeys and the entrepreneurial home that empowers them to thrive – both in business and in life.

(0:56) Introduction to Frank Barbella

(6:06) Entrepreneurial journey childhood years

(10:40) Entrepreneurial journey to current business

(14:00) SOLV Risk Solutions

(15:06) Insurance – Why the music stops

(15:27) The system is broken

(21:16) Understanding the breakdown

(25:37) Examples

(35:00) Uniques as a company

(39:08) Insurance Explanation during Covid (and other pandemics)

(44:40) Pivots

(50:00) Current business evolutions

Frank Barbella is a passionate Entrepreneur focused in the areas of Risk Management Advisory and Insurance Brokerage. His proven business acumen, acquisition experience, active leadership roles in industry association boards, coupled with his support of civic organizations makes Frank uniquely qualified to advise organizations on all aspects of leadership, organic growth, perpetuation, as well as mergers and acquisition.

As founder and CEO of SOLV Risk Solutions, an entrepreneurially-driven firm providing risk management advisory services to businesses, he and his team became frustrated with the common perception of insurance arising from the lack of value and execution by Insurance brokers. So they developed a proprietary, continuous evaluation process (IntegRISK) to drive risk management solutions to breakdowns for Entrepreneurs, Risk Officers, Private Equity and Family Offices.

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