January 11, 2022 – 2 Minute Read

Hi everyone, during shelter in place, we changed up our format a bit in hopes of sharing ideas and valuable information to strengthen our community while supporting fellow entrepreneurs and businesses that may have been struggling during COVID-19.

I’m Tarek Morshed with The Morshed Group at Sothebys, where we specialize in representing entrepreneurs and founders in residential Real Estate. Welcome to The Entrepreneurial Home Podcast where we interview Austin’s most successful men and women and discuss their business journeys and the entrepreneurial home that empowers them to thrive – both in business and in life. On this special edition we have local entrepreneur, John Del Bello.

John has consistently achieved success with more than three decades of professional experience in 5 different industries serving roles in Marketing, Sales, Consulting, Advisory & Management. His extensive experience, utilizing his interpersonal, relationship development skills, & exceptional product knowledge ability has consistently served his clients and employers well. Through his extensive professional consultation/advisory roles, he has learned the valuable lessons that staying positive, motivating others, listening to clients needs, practicing emotional intelligence and sharing empathetic values all combine to deliver results that exceed performance metrics. It also aligns the best strengths against all odds, all obstacles to achieve a true Win-Win outcome. 

John has worked for several Fortune 100/500 firms in Financial Services, Investment Banking, & Automotive industries, as well as has extensive experience in private proprietary firms and independent business in Hospitality, Wine Distribution & Real Estate from $1.25M-$550B in market valuation, that combine to serve him with a powerful understanding & clarity of both the macro & micro economic/emotional perspectives of managing a business. 

John has participated extensively as a volunteer over four decades in many different organizations. Initially after college, as a member of Junior Boards at both Inner City Scholarship Fund and Boy’s Harbor, where he also participated directly with kids activities and tutoring, supporting 82 Catholic inner city schools, and the main Harlem facility of BH. He has been involved with schools, non-profits, religious organizations, charitable entities or in the last few years he and his children have participated in several ministries at his local Catholic Church, St John Neumann. He is a Knight of Columbus, and considers all these volunteer experiences as the consistent source of value in his life. His service to others has been an integral part of who he is and how he values others lives as well. He was first volunteering in his childhood, then served on several boards in his twenties and continues his service today where he has participated in more than 10 ministries in the last 3 years. His lifetime contributions as a donor to hundreds of organizations exceeds $60,000. He was blessed with a divine inspiration following intense prayer, meditation and affirmations during a difficult time in his family’s life journey about 4 years ago, to bring both Change Unlimited his nonprofit & Infinite Giving the technology partner firm to the world where they can truly serve others, both uniting billions of citizens around the globe while driving positive impact in local communities to serve those around the world in need.

(1:11) Zoom Introduction

(2:00) Who is John Del Bello to The Morshed Group

(3:17) Entrepreneurial Journey

(6:50) Gift from the universe

(9:24) Change Unlimited

(13:30) Scalability

(14:05) Creating a team

(16:42) How accepting micro-donations allows more people to donate

(17:45) How Covid-19 has affected his nonprofit

(22:32) How do you pivot, survive and still thrive 

(25:00) 3 Uniques

(26:41) Where will Change Unlimited be in the next few years

(30:10) Getting into work flow at home

(33:48) Positive impact in meditation and surrendering yourself

(40:30) Wrapping Up 

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