August 5, 2016 – 4 Minute Read

East of MoPac/Highway 1 and south of Enfield Blvd., Deep Eddy (also referred to as “Westfield”), is a small centrally located pocket community situated on the shores of Lake Austin. Perfect for residents who desire the convenience of being near downtown but enjoy the feel of a traditional “neighborhood” neighborhood. Deep Eddy embodies the quirky persona of the Austin we all know and love, with an diverse mix of modest bungalows and historic mansions. This popular area just west of downtown and adjacent to Tarrytown has a reputation for beautifully maintained properties and stunning views. Besides having the oldest manmade pool in the state of Texas, life in Deep Eddy includes Austin staples like Magnolia Café and the Redbud Trail, which is every resident dog’s favorite place to socialize. Deep Eddy is the neighborhood that begs, “Get outside and enjoy REAL Austin, because it’s outside your front door!”

If you live in Austin, or looking to live in Austin, you know it gets hot. Not just “wipe my brow” hot, but “oh no the bottom of my soles have melted off” hot. A day at Deep Eddy pool is the solution, friends. Overlooking Lake Austin, Deep Eddy Pool is the primo spot to visit during the summer months day or night, not just for the respite of brisk cold water, but Deep Eddy is known for sponsored events including “movie nights” where people can watch popular movies on the big screen while floating in the pool or lounging in the grass.

Deep Eddy Pool in Austin Texas

According to to “The Friends of Deep Eddy” website, Deep Eddy started as a swimming hole in the Colorado River, became a resort in the 1920s, and is today a popular swimming pool operated by the City of Austin. A historic landmark on the National Register of Historic Places, this special swimming hole has been the inspiration of various works of art including Texas musician, Jimmie Dale Gilmore’s “Deep Eddy Blues” about the pool and the nearby bar, the Deep Eddy Cabaret. Take a listen and take a dip!