Creating a Home Office That Boosts Your Productivity

September 24, 2o18 – 4 Minute Read

Why the right home workspace ecosystem makes a massive impact on productivity

As an entrepreneur what does your home office situation look like? Is it in the corner of the master bedroom or an afterthought in some dark corner of the house? For most the answer would be a yes…after all, what difference does it make right? Actually, it’s a much larger impact on your company than you may think!

Why do companies spend huge dollars in workspace environments, design and ergonomics? Studies show It makes a major impact on productivity. For example, did you know being in nature settings boosts the average person’s productivity by 20% due to mood and creativity being elevated?! 

Imagine your company’s revenues were $500k and assuming you work out of your home office regularly. That’s potentially a loss of $100k in additional revenues simply due to lack of incorporating strong nature elements into your office space! Or if you’re currently house hunting, consider this real cost of not spending another $25k with a great home-office set-up. Like the happy wife, happy life saying; happy employees, big dividends holds true also. Here are some other impactful basics. Designate an actual space to itself as your office versus tucked into your master bedroom! Considering the numbers above, investing $10k or so into a designated office area will typically bear a 10x return to your business. Not doing so creates an equally negative hit. Besides, the average business owner works 60-80 hours a week….are you going to work harder and more productively as you hit the 60+ hour mark each week in the corner of your master bedroom or in a great home office? Next, less is more in your office space – go digital on everything and think clean simple lines. Zen environment = zen level creativity and problem solving. Finally, establish and communicate work hours to your spouse or family as well as “in creation” signs you can hang so your spouse or kids know not to interrupt you during “flow”.

When I built my home, I had my awesome architect convert a dead hallway that terminated to nothing into a 4×8 nook right next to a big box window that had nature and light pouring in. My carpenter installed a floating wood slab with a single cabinet on the end for support plus three floating shelves on the wall above the desk. Voila, my work space at home! I love this work space…the simple clean lines and abundant light literally beckon me to work. I find myself get into optimal work zone quickly there… early mornings are massive output hours here. I have a cork board with inspirational mementos on one wall from my daughter, loved ones and also have my vision board. These are great touchstones of what makes me happy in life. My shelves house books on spirituality, business and leadership….I often nab one for a few moments when I need a quick boost. No door, but have a small sign on the wall…when my daughter sees it, she know interruptions are for emergency purposes only. I’ll work for hours here without realizing it; my neighbors often comment they see me there at 5:30am seemingly in the zone during their morning jog. Out of all my work spaces, I am most inspired and get more done per minute in this space than any other. Not only can I attest to the extra 20% in productivity, if that’s not worth $100k per above, the boost in creativity has given me far more than just productivity and profitability alone.

Your workspace is quintessential for your company’s growth! Create it to get the most out of you and you’ll be amazed at the output.