Brodie Oaks Shopping Center Redevelopment: A Transformative Project for South Austin

February 5, 2024 – 5 Minute Read – Edited Feburary 26, 2024

The Brodie Oaks Shopping Center in South Austin is on the cusp of a remarkable transformation, with a $1 billion redevelopment plan recently receiving final approval from the Austin City Council. This ambitious project, led by development partners Barshop & Oles and Lionstone Investments, promises to reshape the landscape of South Austin, offering a blueprint for sustainable growth, increased quality of life, and exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs. We will explore the key aspects of the Brodie Oaks redevelopment, emphasizing its potential benefits and why it should be on your radar.

  1. Visionary Development: The Brodie Oaks redevelopment project represents a forward-thinking approach to urban development. The 37-acre site will undergo a significant transformation, replacing an outdated strip mall with a vibrant mixed-use center that integrates residential units, office space, retail outlets, and a hotel. The project aims to redefine the concept of modern urban living, with a focus on enhancing the overall quality of life for South Austin residents.
  2. Environmental Stewardship: One of the standout features of the Brodie Oaks redevelopment is its commitment to environmental sustainability. By reimagining an underutilized shopping center, the project will reduce impervious cover and increase open green space by over 30 percent, providing nearly 12 acres of new city parkland. This approach aligns with Austin’s environmental initiatives, including the Water Forward program, and sets a new standard for environmentally sensitive projects of this scale.
  3. Affordable Housing: Recognizing the pressing need for affordable housing in Austin, the Brodie Oaks redevelopment project is set to include approximately 200 on-site affordable housing units. This partnership with local nonprofit Foundation Communities will provide homes for households earning between 40 and 60 percent of the Median Family Income. This commitment to affordability reflects a dedication to creating a diverse and inclusive community.
  4. Economic Opportunities: Entrepreneurs and business leaders should take note of the Brodie Oaks redevelopment, as it presents a unique opportunity for investment and growth. The project is set to include 1.26 million square feet of office space, 140,000 square feet of retail space, and a 200-room hotel. This blend of commercial and residential elements creates a dynamic environment for innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development.
  5. Community Benefits: The Brodie Oaks redevelopment will not only reshape the physical landscape but also contribute to the social fabric of South Austin. With a focus on biophilic design, energy and water conservation, and regional architectural styles, the project will reflect the unique character of South Austin. Public art and performance venues will add to the cultural vibrancy of the area, making it an attractive destination for residents and businesses alike.

Here’s what the Brodie Oaks Shopping Center looks like now, and what it is proposed to looks like:

brodie oaks shopping before

Before. Photo from Towers.

brodie oaks shopping after development

After. Photo from Towers.

broadie oaks shopping center timeline

Timeline. Photo from Community Impact.

In summary, the Brodie Oaks Shopping Center redevelopment is poised to become a transformative project that sets a new standard for sustainable, inclusive, and forward-thinking urban development. This area promises not only economic growth but also an enhanced quality of life for its residents. As Austin continues to evolve, the Brodie Oaks redevelopment stands as a shining example of the city’s commitment to progress and innovation.