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Tarek Morshed 


The Morshed Group began with Tarek and his entrepreneurial journey. When he was still a student at the University of Texas, he bought his first investment property. Before he graduated, Tarek had invested in a handful of single-family homes and a small apartment complex. These experiences taught him a great deal about Austin’s dynamic economy and the challenges of buying and selling real estate.

With an Accounting degree in hand and in passionate entrepreneurial fashion, he set out become a pur­pose-driven client-focused realtor. Tarek’s aim was to become a trusted cabinet member in each client’s life for real estate…..and well beyond.

Today he leads The Morshed Group, building a team of successful advisors fully bought into The Morshed Group’s “why”.

He has also been passionate about building a commercial real estate platform with Groundfloor Development focused on projects in emerging markets in Dallas, Austin and Houston. His biggest passion however is his daughter followed closely by his family and constantly giving back by mentoring anyone who reaches out to him.

Russell Hamilton 

Operations Manager

If you look behind the scenes at The Morshed Group, you will find Operations Manager and Sales Support Extraordinaire, Russell Hamilton. Russell hails from a background of Analytics, Coaching and Internet Management. Raised by his grandmother on her ranch, he learned at a young age the definition of work ethic.

This same work ethic was the underlying factor for Russell receiving a football scholarship his senior year of high school to play at East Texas Baptist University. Upon completing his Mathematics degree and college football playing career, he accepted a coaching position at the University. After a few years he coupled his coaching career with teaching Advanced Quantitative Reasoning at the high school level. With a state championship under his belt, he felt called into the next chapter of his life.

At this point, he got his first true taste in the real estate world working for a residential construction company. When disaster struck Florida in 2018, he knew it was time to use his skills to help those in need after Hurricane Michael.

Upon returning from Florida, Russell brought his passion for helping others back to Texas. He became a Sales Consultant for a prestigious automobile dealership outside of San Antonio. Even without a background in sales, his genuineness and authenticity quickly propelled him to become the top performer in the company. It wasn’t before long that his interpersonal skills and ability to manage processes exceled him to the position of Internet Manager.

Russell brings a unique dynamic to The Morshed Group with his diverse experience and background. His exceptional ability to break down and sincerely communicate processes lets our clients rest easy during the high tense real estate process.

Daniel Montanez   

Agent / Business Development

Daniel started his career as a serial entrepreneur during his undergrad years at New York University by launching Color Management Group with classmates in the color science engineering dept. The formed a training agency to help analog printing companies transition and succeed in the new digital printing age. This first company grew to international status with offices in New York, San Diego, Brussels, and Milano and over 120 employees within 4 years.  A sale occurred followed by a career of finding niches for which to build and scale other companies within the printing industry.

Daniel has founded, scaled and sold 5 companies including his most recent venture in 2018, Statement Walls as well as achieved an MBA and a Master of Science in Marketing from NYU. He attributes his success to his constant questioning of the status quo. He believes that every industry has gaps where they could better serve their customers and make for longer more fruitful relationships.  Daniel has also been a buyer and investor of multiple properties (commercial and residential) throughout the Northeast.

Now living in Texas, he chose to enter the real estate industry via the The Morshed Group with plans to disrupt the status quo once again. He is an integral part of our biz dev side with a primary focus in client representation as an agent. Daniel has never considered himself a salesperson versus a partner when working with customers. That ideology combined with his vast entrepreneurial experiences and spirit make Daniel a powerful addition toThe Morshed Group.

Maria Oriendo 

Social media and website manager contact

Renowned for her ability to organize the contents the size of the Guggenheim into a shoebox, Maria has honed her skills through the decades. Starting in the hospitality industry, her service-minded attitude soon had CEOs and founders of established as well as start-up businesses mesmerized by her ability to transform any closet into a Tardis. Soon these skills evolved well beyond the physical space and into the virtual spaces of business.
Maria now manages content for The Morshed Group’s social media and website. She also helps produce the video series “The Entrepreneurial Home Podcast”.
With a degree in Organizational Communications and Fine Arts and an expressed interest in integrating fine arts, virtual arts and visual communications, she continues to explore creative ways in which we as individuals and as organizations connect and communicate.

"Tarek educates with respect to many things - individual homes, the Austin market, and the local supply/demand cycles."
"Tarek's knowledge and experience is so far beyond anyone else it’s amazing."
"Personalization. Incredible follow up, 10 years out from his initial help!"
"The best realtor in Austin"
"Tarek is fully engaged at ensuring his clients get the full customer experience."
"Tarek knows more about residential, commercial & development in Central Austin than anyone I have ever met."
"He is an exceptional agent and friend."
"When he's with you, you are his only client."
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