We know there are items you need to get the work done but this list is about items that make the work more comfortable, easy and dare we say, fun? Check out this list and see what else might be on some of these lists that you just might need!

I frequent coffee shops and I see variations of these often. But when I see them, I eye them with envy. With Zoom calls all the rage, one of these makes having an eye-level conversation a lot more reasonable. Plus, daily work becomes less of a pain in the neck, literally!

I like options. Remember that article I referred you to about creative spaces to work from at home, like your living room couch or lounge chair? Sometimes you get tired of folding up and stacking a pile of blankets as a makeshift desk. It works in a pinch but a lap desk would be much more portable and less of a Linus-from-Charlie-Brown look.

We learned this tip from one of our fellow entrepreneurs on an episode of the Entrepreneurial Home Podcast. Not only do these headphones help you focus by reducing surrounding environmental noise, but they act as a visual cue to others that say “Don’t bother me, I’m working!”

In lieu of smashing faux mustaches on to your kid’s face and yelling “barista, a half-caffe iced latte, please!” I recommend investing in an espresso machine. You’ll get better results, less attitude and save on tip money. Ok. I wasn’t tipping my mustached kid.

Throw Blanket

Yes, I know I just referenced Linus from Charlie Brown but a throw blanket comes in handy when the rest of the household lives in subzero temperatures during the summer heat. The Health.com article references an electric blanket which I’m certain is lovely but we are in Austin, TX, afterall. But you can always forgo the blanket, and work by the pool. Something else you didn’t know you needed. Or did you?

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