Labor Day is upon us but how do we celebrate and stay socially responsible? Well, never fear! We’ve put together 3 top lists right here for you to peruse! And we’ve even got a few bonus features to boot! Skip to the end if you just don’t want to think about it and want us to tell you what to do with your weekend. We love telling people to have fun!

This list starts off with the standard and obvious but much coveted list of swimming holes! Full of useful info as far as what’s open, needs reservations, etc. as well as other outdoor adventures! But we also love the drive-in recommendations!

This list gives you categories with quick links to camping, lakes, air bnbs, reopened museums and you must pop open road trips for a local fun quick day away!

For something different, creative and keeping Austin weird, this list seems to deliver. We recommend taking a gander. Last month there was a drive-in concert. This week, a Barberella dance party is on the menu!

Barbecue list!

If you’re not cooking out but prefer to deliver in, here’s a quick list for you by 512 for barbecue of course.

And finally, for those of you who would rather just be given a plan for the weekend:
A natural spring swimming hole open for the day but they also have tent and RV camping available. Call ahead of course for availability.
Conveniently located near Krause Springs, stop in for lunch or dinner for some tater tot casserole and beef or pork ribs!

Add on to your weekend and keep driving past Krause Springs and Opie’s into Johnson City to the Exotic Resort Zoo where you drive-thru in your own car to see and feed the animals. But bring lots of wipes or towels or better yet, go to Krause Springs after your visit with the animals. You’ll need it! There you go! A complete day or weekend depending on how much you want to pack into a day or weekend! If not a right fit for Labor Day then rinse and repeat for another day or weekend!

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