Are you great at developing relationships consistently with people that could make a big impact in your life, business, relationships, wealth and so on?  I’m betting you’re thinking either a “no” or “I am but only if I had more time!” Here is a simple and powerful workaround.

The value of building relationships with a great networker can be seen in the old saying…..birds of a feather flock together!  Good people know and build relationships with good people. It’s a universal truth.  If that same person is one who you know to be one that loves to make a difference for others, you basically have the make-up of a great networker.  Seek and deepen your relationship with these people out and watch how quickly things move in your life, work and so on.  The velocity with which your needs and problems get solved will astound you.

A few years ago, a client of ours that I would describe as a genuine human being yet introverted reached out to us with a unique concern.  He was having a lot of issues in his marriage.  What does someone in real estate have to do with one’s marriage issues you ask?  He said that he saw in working with us that we loved to help as well as connect great people with other great people.  We got together and he shared the challenges they were facing as a couple.  I shared my journey as well, it was a powerful conversation.  I also felt he would be a great fit for the therapist I had worked with in my first marriage and connected them with his permission.   Within 3 months he had saved his marriage and transformed himself in so many ways…though he has happily held on to being an introvert J.  Since then he has leveraged me for 5 more referrals in business, home and physical health with resounding results all the while saving the time and headache of sourcing.  Our conversations start or end normally with “thank you for being part of what saved my marriage, connecting me with a business banker who really gets us and linking me with a wonderful property manager who cares so I can focus on work and family.  The range you guys have impacted in my life is awesome. You’re always my first stop when I need a connection.”

Surrounding yourself with good people truly does pay…it fulfills you and helps you grow exponentially in many facets of life with the returns being massive.  At the Morshed Group, we would love being value-add to you in real estate and well beyond, please