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Neighborhood Highlight: Hyde Park

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This is a walkable, dog-friendly neighborhood with plenty to do indoors and out. This Austin neighborhood has been described as a young professional’s dream, making it perfect for first time home buyers.

How Migration to Austin Could Reshape the Suburbs

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Two real estate trends that were accelerated by the pandemic could affect the suburbs of Austin. Even before the lockdown, millennials in small to medium cities were moving out of city centers to the suburbs, and many residents of bigger cities were moving to smaller ones.

Austin is Poised to be the Next US Tech Hub

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In the technology industry, talks of emerging “new Silicon Valley” are hot, and Austin is a contender to become the newest tech hub. The current hub in California is seeing a decline in popularity among both residents, future residents, and companies.  This trend in migration of tech companies out of California and to new

How Does a Recession Affect the Housing Market?

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Many financial professionals and US residents have been asking if the country is officially in a recession. With this looming, many are also wondering about the housing market. One financial crisis can often affect another, so that’s a fair question to ask.

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