Help us transform the salesy world of real estate to one led by amazing thought leaders in real estate who bring ground-breaking value to each client. At The Morshed Group we bring an “entrepreneurial” approach to real estate brokerage. We make real estate powerfully educative through proprietary analytics, we solve our clients problems by being strategic advisors vs selling, we reduce all the work Seller/Buyers normally manage down to key choices and preferences, and we position ourselves as indispensable cabinet members in each client’s life.  We are deeply value-additive and impactful through and well beyond the sale. We are creating an exciting client lifetime journey in real estate –  ONE stop for residential, commercial and investments guided by our advisors.  While we take amazing care of anyone with real estate needs, we specialize in entrepreneurs, executives and the growth minded. In simple terms, we are seeking Sales Professionals to be Real Estate Agents. In truth we are seeking Real Estate Advisors who have a deep hunger to provide unmatchable service, leadership and vision…and make lots of money doing it!

We seek:

  • Professional that loves the responsibility of being a Trusted Advisor who makes big decisions for others and aspires to be a Servant Leader. You love impacting, teaching and educating others.
  • Professional who is truly Growth Minded in every sense – You have a burning desire  to be the Best of the Best, be around the Best of the Best and are TRULY willing to do whatever it  takes.  You’re willing to change, buy 1000% into proven processes, outwork others, check your ego at the door and be extremely coachable.  You want to be part of a team that is deeply committed to growth and where there is constantly healthy competition.
  • Professional who is  comfortable with numbers.  You are confident you can distill and communicate market analytics/data as well as market trends in a highly effective way for clients.
  • You love architecture, design and real estate. You have vision for places and buildings. You can see what others can’t see.
  • You are willing to step up, be bold and hold others accountable even when it’s uncomfortable but is whats needed to get the job done.

We Offer:

  • The only guaranteed base salary for real estate agents in the industry with optionality to pivot for higher upside once you’re producing OR a 100% commission plan for higher upside right away
  • A realistic opportunity to earn $100k first year, $200k year 2 and $300k year 3.  The average new agent earns LESS than $30k in Year 1 and $40k in Year 2.  Our agents average 3-5x those numbers!
  • A  life growth and wealth plan – we help you build income, build your personal wealth,  invest in real estate and will even teach you to manage finances.  We will level you up on how to be a powerful leader through personal growth. No one else in the industry will invest in your growth like we will
  • Warm referrals to work with and how to generate an abundance of referrals.

As a sales agent at The Morshed Group you will be expected to:

  • Serve our clients  through our proven processes
  • Generate referrals using the systems we will teach you
  • Hit $7m+ in sales goals year 1. $15M+ in sales goals year 2 and $20m+ in sales goals year 3 onwards
  • Hit weekly prospecting goals and kpi’s as well as your quarterly goals.  Your goals will also be part of the team’s greater quarterly and annual goals.
  • Deliver on our brand and value differentiators through implementing our 360 Audits, Buyer/Seller Success Plans and our Post-closing Concierge Program.  You will follow our systems and processes to a tee.
  • Maximize Financial Return on each real estate decision with Proprietary Market Analytics, Education, and Transaction Optimization
  • Average 120 days on sales cycles on the clients you’re provided as well as those you generate
  • Share and live these core values: Being Irreplaceable, Accountability, Growth-Minded, Servant Leaders, Teamwork

I’m Tarek Morshed, CEO of The Morshed Group, and I approve this message!

If all of the above sounds like you to a tee, please take this assessment FIRST and only after that, please send your resume. There is no right or wrong answer. It’s only meant to set you up for success within our team so please answer honestly.