How 7-Figure Entrepreneurs Effectively Manage Their Energy

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A guide to a healthier you and a healthier business listed in this article from Entrepreneur. Saying "no" more often is my challenge to work on. Which tip do you think you would benefit most from? Read more here! Or download the archived PDF article: Entrepreneur

Five Strategies Entrepreneurs Should Pursue To Purposely Disrupt Multibillion Dollar Industries

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Disrupt or be disrupted! Strategic advice for any business or entrepreneur in this article from Forbes! Have you noticed a local disruptor? Share with us; we’d love to know! And check out the article here! Or download the archived PDF article: Forbes

The Most Important Entrepreneurs of the Past Decade

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Who were some entrepreneurs to note of the past decade according to Inc? Of course, my favorite part was about the Hometown Heroes! Local baby! Who would you have listed based on their metrics? Share with us through social media and check out the article here! Or download the archived PDF article: Inc. Article

Affordable housing bond funding helps seniors ‘age in place’ through home repair program

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How does Meals on Wheels (one of my favorite places to volunteer) contribute to the housing community?  Community Impact News shares the amazing details in this article! Where do you like to put your volunteer hours and why? Share with us and find out more about their program: Read here. Or download the archived

The Deep Value of Great Networkers

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Are you great at developing relationships consistently with people that could make a big impact in your life, business, relationships, wealth and so on?  I’m betting you’re thinking either a “no” or “I am but only if I had more time!” Here is a simple and powerful workaround. The value of building relationships with

Nature Lover’s Guide to Austin Real Estate

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Austin, TX has plenty of high-rise buildings, stages, and street fairs to satisfy the itch for entertainment. The great city also delivers for those craving a different form of entertainment, like tall trees, lakes, and biking trails. Austin is dedicated to preserving natural beauty, decorated by neighborhoods perfect for outgoing nature lovers. Barton Hills Barton

Tips for Buying a Luxury Home in Austin

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Austin, TX has grown tremendously over the past couple of decades. With the influx of creative visionaries and entrepreneurs, the city has seen the construction of a variety of unique, beautiful homes and neighborhoods. From East to West, North to South, Austin is dotted with upscale, luxury homes. Whether you like to keep things traditional,

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