What’s Happening in the Housing Market – Q2 2022 Market Update

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Q2 2022 ended with Austin being a top 5 market nationwide in terms of strength and low inventory but definitely seeing tempering due to equities markets pulling back, interest rates rising from 3.5% to 5.5% and inflation.  At The Morshed Group, starting in Q4 of last year, we were letting clients know 2022 would be the year things finally cooled.

Are you in the 78641 zip code?

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Are you in the 78641 zip code? Well… you might want to be. We all know Austin’s suburbs have been growing astronomically in the past few years. New developments such as the Samsung plant in Taylor have expanded interest in North Austin. This Williamson County city is ranking one of the hottest neighborhoods in the country for home sales.

3 Things Every Homeowner Forgets!

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In a constant effort to provide value, we are excited to share this video with House Ninja that discusses important tips to remember for your home.  House Ninja is a convenient, one-stop shop for home care. If you’ve ever been frustrated by all the things around your house that need to be taken care

Innovative 3D Printed Homes Available Now in Austin

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Austin-based ICON has partnered up with Kansas City developer 3Strands neighborhoods to build homes using 3D printing technology in Austin, one of the fastest growing metropolitan markets in the country. Jason Ballard, CEO of ICON, said that ICON prints the homes on site using a “proprietary extrudable concrete” which is spit out by their

Statewide Disaster from Historic Deep Freeze in Texas – 10 Helpful Tips for Homeowners

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The record-breaking deep freeze that has impacted all 254 Texas counties is finally coming to an end as the temperatures start to warm up again. Hundreds of thousands of claims from broken water pipes, downed trees, wrecked automobiles and weather induced destruction have been pouring into insurance companies. Camille Garcia, communications director for the

Top 3 Lists for Labor Day Fun in Austin

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Labor Day is upon us but how do we celebrate and stay socially responsible? Well, never fear! We've put together 3 top lists right here for you to peruse! And we've even got a few bonus features to boot! Skip to the end if you just don't want to think about it and want

Top 3 Social Distancing Ideas for Austin Fun

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Here are some social distancing ideas for some Austin fun. Some with an expiration date, so you better get on it! With recent events driving our numbers up Covid-wise, well… our fun seems to have taken a dive along with our dive-bars and we’re left feeling a little stir crazy for some fun. Here’s

Top 5 Work from Home Items You Didn’t Know You Needed!

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We know there are items you need to get the work done but this list is about items that make the work more comfortable, easy and dare we say, fun? Check out this list and see what else might be on some of these lists that you just might need! Laptop stand I frequent coffee shops

“A plan of attack for COVID-19, this battle will be won…”

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A client of ours, who is a doctor in the ER front lines, shared this and we wanted to share with you so you can see the encouraging collaborative work happening across the medical community in Austin around covid. She said she has never experienced collaboration between hospital systems in greater Austin area like

Interior designers reveal the 10 things in your bedroom you should get rid of

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How to declutter your room from design experts (since you’re stuck at home anyway)! Read this article from MSN here. A tv in my room is not a challenge but my phone is! What is your design challenge? Share through our social media channels!    

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