Top 3 Items Needed for Remote Work

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, the world has shifted dramatically in the past several months and office work has shifted to home office work and some argue that the trend might stick. Even before Covid-19 hit, there was an upward trend toward remote work especially here in Austin. Here’s a quick list to get you

6 Conversations Entrepreneurs Must Have ASAP

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Austin! Need proactive advice to help ease the pressure for business professionals during shelter in place? What are some ideas that you’re doing? This is a must read from Entrepreneur! Read here. Or download the archived PDF article: Entrepreneur Article

Why Offline Is the New Online (and What This Means for Entrepreneurs)

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In-person relationships are still key in building social currency according to Entrepreneur and I agree whole-heartedly! Check out the different ways to do so in this article. Or download the archived PDF article: Entreprenuer

What is a Strategic Advisor (and why you MUST have one)?

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When you’re about to make a MAJOR life decision have you often experienced a true lack of confidence or clarity in believing you’ve made the right choice considering the reverberating impact it can have throughout your life?  I believe it’s that way for most of us and yet we move forward in this critical juncture

Coworking Spaces in Austin

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Dear Entrepreneur, At the Morshed Group we pride ourselves on providing irreplaceable and unique value within the residential real estate space to entrepreneurs such as yourself. As leader of the Morshed Group I’ve alsobeen a passionate and lifelong entrepreneur, recognizing the importance of quick and impactful resources or connections. Time hacks mean everything to us.

Looking for a New Home? Lead with Your Business Needs

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Entrepreneurs, how important is it to plan your personal home purchase or sale to align with your business’ growth and needs? Too often, I see entrepreneurs choose to sell or buy a home that ends up very negatively impacting their business financially. Whether the home purchase or sale is due to a life shift,

How Your Home’s Location Impacts Your Business

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Why it’s imperative Entrepreneurs use location to their business needs as the most important driver when buying or selling a home and most fail to do so Entrepreneurs and Founders too often miss the true importance of location as a filter when buying their personal home. This is no surprise as it’s only natural to

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