The Morshed Group began with Tarek and his entrepreneurial journey.  When he was still a student at the University of Texas, he bought his first investment property. Before he graduated, Tarek had invested in a handful of single-family homes and a small apartment complex.

These experiences taught him a great deal about Austin’s dynamic economy and the challenges of buying and selling real estate. Additionally, he found himself wondering about too many important questions each time.

Why don’t realtors seem to truly know where the market is heading nor provide impactful advice based on actual market data? Why is selling or buying real estate such a confusing and disorganized process with so many surprises along the journey? Why isn’t there a customized marketing plan for my home? Why don’t I hear from my realtor post-closing?

With an Accounting degree in hand and in passionate entrepreneurial fashion, he set out become a pur­pose-driven client-focused realtor who would solve these and much more. Tarek’s aim was to become a trusted cabinet member in each client’s life for real estate…..and well beyond.

Today he leads The Morshed Group, building a team of successful advisors fully bought into The Morshed Group’s unique ethos below.

His investment track currently entails a commercial real estate platform with Groundfloor Development focused on projects in emerging markets in Dallas, Austin and Houston. His biggest passion however is his daughter followed closely by his family and giving back by constantly mentoring anyone who reaches out to him in business and life.


We are innovative strategic advisors and industry thought leaders, specializing in representing entrepreneurs and founders.

We make a bold and impactful difference through our unique proprietary market insights, unparalleled tailored advice and are passionate value-add connectors.

We just happen to help people buy and sell homes.