To provide the most powerful market data and insights in residential real estate. To operate as amazing strategic advisors vs sales people. To be an indispensable resource in real estate AND in business to our clients.

We bring an “entrepreneurial” approach to real estate.

Tarek Morshed 


The Morshed Group began with Tarek and his entrepreneurial journey. When he was still a student at the University of Texas, he bought his first investment property. Before he graduated, Tarek had invested in a handful of single-family homes and a small apartment complex. These experiences taught him a great deal about Austin’s dynamic economy and the challenges of buying and selling real estate.

With an Accounting degree in hand and in passionate entrepreneurial fashion, he set out become a pur­pose-driven client-focused realtor. Tarek’s aim was to become a trusted cabinet member in each client’s life for real estate…..and well beyond.

Today he leads The Morshed Group, building a team of successful advisors fully bought into The Morshed Group’s “why”.

He has also been passionate about building a commercial real estate platform with Groundfloor Development focused on projects in emerging markets in Dallas, Austin and Houston. His biggest passion however is his daughter followed closely by his family and constantly giving back by mentoring anyone who reaches out to him.

Daniel Montanez   

Agent / Business Development

Daniel started his career as a serial entrepreneur during his undergrad years at New York University by launching Color Management Group with classmates in the color science engineering dept. The formed a training agency to help analog printing companies transition and succeed in the new digital printing age. This first company grew to international status with offices in New York, San Diego, Brussels, and Milano and over 120 employees within 4 years.  A sale occurred followed by a career of finding niches for which to build and scale other companies within the printing industry.

Daniel has founded, scaled and sold 5 companies including his most recent venture in 2018, Statement Walls as well as achieved an MBA and a Master of Science in Marketing from NYU. He attributes his success to his constant questioning of the status quo. He believes that every industry has gaps where they could better serve their customers and make for longer more fruitful relationships.  Daniel has also been a buyer and investor of multiple properties (commercial and residential) throughout the Northeast.

Now living in Texas, he chose to enter the real estate industry via the The Morshed Group with plans to disrupt the status quo once again. He is an integral part of our biz dev side with a primary focus in client representation as an agent. Daniel has never considered himself a salesperson versus a partner when working with customers. That ideology combined with his vast entrepreneurial experiences and spirit make Daniel a powerful addition toThe Morshed Group.

Social Media, Website, Podcast Manager

Sydney is a hard working, creative business woman whose passion for people has inspired her entrepreneurial journey. After graduating high school Summa Cum Laude, she started working full time as an executive pastry chef while going to college online full time as well to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. During this time, she got involved in the electronic music scene in Austin and San Antonio, starting with attending events to then promoting for several companies that threw events and festivals in Texas. 

Motivated by her experiences with these companies and inspired by the communities she was involved with, she decided to take the knowledge and skills she had learned and plan the creation of her own entity that she could develop a voice that resonated deeply with her. In early 2018 at just 21 years old, she launched her own business- Baked Up, LLC- that combined her passions for electronic music, food and bringing people together to enjoy various forms of art. To date, they have worked with over 500 artists from around the world, thrown over 150 events in multiple states in the US, collaborated with over 50 companies and currently manage 12 artists. They also added a record label- Hot Out Of The Oven Records- under their umbrella, which Sydney is the CEO of as well. 

Sydney, now yearning to do more for the community and utilize her creative marketing skills, has joined The Morshed Group as their Social Media, Website and Podcast manager. Being the innovative thinker and passionate people-person she is, we are happy to have her on our team providing irreplaceable value to our marketing ventures and increasing our engagement across several platforms. 

Real Estate Professional

Brad is a passionate young entrepreneur with a big smile. He grew up in a small town in Colorado with dreams of making a difference. Throughout his college years, he started several small businesses. One of those, The Roaring 20’s, a brand aimed to educate the younger generation on the powerful impacts of personal development. His own experiences with personal development were impactful, and he wanted to share his growth with others. 

Going into his senior year of college, he knew it was time for a transition in his work experience. He accepted a job as a car salesman, and quickly became the top performer in the company. He credits his success in the car business to going against the norm and building real trust with his clients. 

After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Business, Brad felt a new calling in Austin Texas. He chose to explore his passion in real estate, and joined The Morshed Group. Similarly to the car business, he believes there’s a need for honesty in the real estate industry. The Morshed Group’s core purpose is just that. He believes his love for people and past experiences will be impactful to his clients, and building lasting relationships.

Operations Manager

Growing up in Victoria, Texas, Alyssa started her professional career in the oil field business as an Executive Assistant. There she learned the ins and outs of administrative work, while simultaneously pursuing her business degree at Victoria College and UHV-Victoria, graduating Cum Laude in Business Administration.

With a growing passion for business operations, Alyssa took on a role as business manager for Fit Strong United, a CrossFit gym. Her attention to detail and desire to create effective business practices and processes made her a natural fit for a business operations role. In 2018, Alyssa decided to make her way into the real estate world as a social media director and commercial administrator at Coldwell Banker – The Ron Brown Co. It was there where she found her love for the ever evolving, fast-paced world of real estate.

Alyssa brings her drive and determination to The Morshed Group as the team’s Operations Manager. Driven by a passion of helping people, Alyssa strives to help all her clients throughout every event in the home buying process, from start to finish and even beyond.