A client of ours, who is a doctor in the ER front lines, shared this and we wanted to share with you so you can see the encouraging collaborative work happening across the medical community in Austin around covid. She said she has never experienced collaboration between hospital systems in greater Austin area like this.

“It’s been a month since we had our first COVID-19 case come through our front lines in our community.  Our hospital systems have been nothing but proactive in sustaining efforts to contain and protect. Backstage, it’s a wonder to see the Austin area HCA community of hospitals supporting each other, putting aside rivalry, redirecting, and containing COVID-19 exposures to specific areas. Limiting exposure, protecting staff, and providing programs for financial, emotional, and physical well-being has been the top priority. The projected peak for the number of COVID-19 cases is estimated to arrive within the next two weeks, we are anxiously waiting, preparing for the worst.

It is true, at the hospital there is a cloud of fear for risk of exposure among the staff, but we are all pushing through, doing our duty to help others. HCA is providing hotel accommodation for those who have exposure to keep their families safe. By doing their part, staying home, everyone is keeping health professionals safe, too. Social distancing has proven to help flatten the curve, we can do this! It truly is amazing how well we have come together with a plan of attack for COVID-19, this battle will be won. Please stay home, stay safe, because this is not over yet. “

It was shared a while back but we thought it was worth reminding everyone as we head back out into the world! Do what you can, if you can, when you can, where you can!

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