In a constant effort to provide value, we are excited to share this video with House Ninja that discusses important tips to remember for your home. 

House Ninja is a convenient, one-stop shop for home care. If you’ve ever been frustrated by all the things around your house that need to be taken care of, or put off fixing something because you can’t find the time (even though you’re handy), then this service is for you! They handle or manage the small issues that pop up (new wiring for smart home systems, gutter cleaning, dryer vent cleaning), as well as those big problems that arise without warning (like flooded sinks or broken water heaters). They recommend proactive steps to keep your home in its best shape and even keep a detailed digital record of everything related to your home, so you always have the information you might need at your fingertips.  

There is a promo code at the end of the video if you are interested in trying them out!

Enjoy the video and check out House Ninja’s website to sign up HERE.

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