Interior designers reveal the 10 things in your bedroom you should get rid of

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How to declutter your room from design experts (since you’re stuck at home anyway)! Read this article from MSN here. A tv in my room is not a challenge but my phone is! What is your design challenge? Share through our social media channels!    

Top 3 Reasons Why Austin Real Estate will Survive Covid-19

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Top 3 Reason Why Austin Real Estate Will Survive Covid-19 Unemployment moved up from 2.5%  to 3.8% in March, one of lowest upticks in the country 48% of workforce in Austin can work remotely – top 5 in the country Supply of housing only at 2 months in Feb – even if inventory triples to 6 months

Why The Morshed Group Now For Your Real Estate Needs

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Tarek Morshed, chief realty officer, explains why these three unique things about The Morshed Group at Sotheby’s make them a good partner to see you through tough times and good: Proprietary Approach Strategic Advisors Being Value Add Find out more through our website  or our social media links found below. And as always, we’re

What you need to know about the Austin Real Estate Market during Covid-19 from The Morshed Group!

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Hello Austin,You’re stronger than you know! The Morshed Group brings tidings of real estate peace & joy in the form of a quick market forecast and essential plans to keep you updated during COVID-19!Please stay informed with us through our website or our social media links found below. And as always, we’re happy to

4 Ways to be Productive and Avoid Distractions When Working From Home

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This work-from-home checklist from CNBC is a must to provide structure and reduce stress! Check it out here. Or download the archived PDF article here: CNBC Article

6 Conversations Entrepreneurs Must Have ASAP

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Austin! Need proactive advice to help ease the pressure for business professionals during shelter in place? What are some ideas that you’re doing? This is a must read from Entrepreneur! Read here. Or download the archived PDF article: Entrepreneur Article

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