Austinites likely to cast monumental vote in 2020, with transit proposition, local seats likely on fall ballot

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Austin, would you pay for property tax increases if it means a better transit solution? Read more in this article from Community Impact! Or download the archived PDF article: Community Impact

Tarek Morshed Q4 Market Update 2019

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Q4 2019 ended even stronger than expected. Normally Q4 is a slower part of the year and it certainly was not the case this year. Prices moved up a strong 7%+ cumulatively for the year (I had predicted 5-7%) and inventory ended at a scant 2 months. Tier-1 homes (priced right, no major flaws and wow factor) sold within days with multiple offers and average of 3-5% over list price.

Why Offline Is the New Online (and What This Means for Entrepreneurs)

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In-person relationships are still key in building social currency according to Entrepreneur and I agree whole-heartedly! Check out the different ways to do so in this article. Or download the archived PDF article: Entreprenuer

City staff: Only 2% of new home construction in Austin over last 10 years was ‘missing-middle’ housing

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What is Austin’s solution to rising real estate costs? According to Community Impact News, this new land development code. Read about the details here.  Or download the archived PDF article:Community Impact  

5 Smart Creative Habits Everyone Can Cultivate

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These habits can cultivate creativity according to this Forbes article! Capturing ideas while in the shower? We mentioned this on the Entrepreneurial Home Podcast! What spurs creativity for you? Share with us and read more about it here! Or download the archived PDF article: Forbes

How 7-Figure Entrepreneurs Effectively Manage Their Energy

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A guide to a healthier you and a healthier business listed in this article from Entrepreneur. Saying "no" more often is my challenge to work on. Which tip do you think you would benefit most from? Read more here! Or download the archived PDF article: Entrepreneur

Young Restaurateurs Learn to Share in Austin’s Real Estate Market

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How does a hot real estate market promote ingenuity for entrepreneurs? Check out how these locals collaborate their way to success as shared in the Austin Chronicle. Are you creative with your real estate? Share with us through social media and find out more about the article here. Or download the archived PDF article: Austin

Five Strategies Entrepreneurs Should Pursue To Purposely Disrupt Multibillion Dollar Industries

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Disrupt or be disrupted! Strategic advice for any business or entrepreneur in this article from Forbes! Have you noticed a local disruptor? Share with us; we’d love to know! And check out the article here! Or download the archived PDF article: Forbes

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