Castlewood Forest

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Castlewood Forest If the idea of living a “straight shot” to downtown in a large tree-covered lot perfectly situated between Mopac and I35, this “Way South Austin” community is for you. Located on the west side of Manchaca Rd. between Slaughter and Davis Lane - The primary neighborhood entrances are from Davis Ln. at Collingwood

Where Is The Austin Skyline Headed?

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There are A LOT of cranes in the Austin skyline right now. That’s what happens when you live in a city that has the best of everything: the jobs, the sun, the schools, the culture, the nightlife, you name it. Austin has the recipe for magnetism. Again our fair town has been marked as one of America’s fastest

Can I Afford to Live in Austin?

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Illustration by Francois Berger I agree with much of what is said in this great Freddie Mac article EXCEPT per my latest market update, affordability relevant to household income is a real issue as also mentioned in this article. I believe we are close to the peak in this Austin real estate cycle

Here They Come: Millennials Moving to Austin

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If you've not read Rise of the Creative Class or The Next 100 Years you owe it to yourself to do so. Speaks into what this article talks about: people in general -  and especially Generation X, Generation Y and Millenials moving to Austin, choose where they live before they choose where they work.  And those

West Lake Hills

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West Lake Hills Referred to as a “suburb” of Austin, the West Lake Hills neighborhood's proximity to MoPac and Loop 360 make this coveted neighborhood a seamless part of the Austin metro area. The West Lake Hills city limits begin just a few blocks West of MoPac & Zilker Park, making this 4-square-mile community one of

Travis Heights

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Travis Heights What is quiet and loud, city and country, new and old? The Travis Heights neighborhood that truly has the best of both worlds. Spanning from I-35 on the east to Congress Avenue on the west,  the northern border is Lady Bird Lake (or Riverside Drive) and the southern border is Oltorf Street – this is


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Cherrywood Cherrywood is  known by several names, including Upper Boggy Creek, Dellwood II, and French Place.  Bordered by Wilshire Boulevard to the north, Manor Road to the south, Interstate 35 to the west and Airport Boulevard to the east. Historically Cherrywood was made up of farms where cattle grazed and sprawling peach orchards, and became developed


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Allandale An upscale neighborhood ideal for families, young couples, seniors, and empty-nesters, Allandale possesses an enviable combination of good schools, low crime, parks & recreation, and a variety of restaurants to choose from. Bordered by MoPac Expressway to the west and by Austin Memorial Park Cemetery and Brentwood to the south, this safe and quiet neighborhood

Austin Real Estate Market Update Q4 2015

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Hello everybody! For those of you that used to receive my newsletters in the past, I hope this brings “a welcome back” smile. For those receiving this for the first time I hope you find immense value and education in it. With final stats recently in for 2o15, let's dive in. 2015 was

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