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Could Possible Long Term Effects of the Texas Snowstorm Disaster Influence Tech Companies Relocation Decisions?

Texas has attracted widespread criticism of its handling of the snow storm crisis — both in terms of its lack of preparation and mismanagement; but will this deter tech companies and investors from considering Texas, specifically Austin, as a potential relocation destination? Experts say that all of the features that make the state, and Austin, attractive for businesses are still in play, such as low taxes and fewer … CONTINUE READING

Austin Football Club: The Powerful Economic and Real Estate Impact for North Austin

We all know of the Austin FC stadium but in some ways, it’s something out on the horizon still. We thought it would be great to share an update and our take on this big addition to Austin’s vibrant lifestyle, sports-loving population, and the reverberating economic impact it will have as Austin’s first professional soccer stadium! 

If you haven’t been by the stadium near Braker Lane and … CONTINUE READING

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