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Texas Continues to Attract HQs Leaving California, Austin Top City

Texas attracts a remarkable number of facilities for many reasons, including significant cost savings for many companies. Between January 1st and June 27th, 53 Headquarters left California and 23 of those came to Texas. Out of those 23 companies that announced relocations so far this year, 11 choose Austin and its surrounding areas for their headquarters, the most out of any city in Texas. 

Recent relocations include … CONTINUE READING

Foreign Investors Shift Their Attention to Austin, Making it a Top City for Real Estate Investing

Austin’s relative affordability, high quality of life and Texas’ low tax rate have made the city an attractive destination – and the fastest growing city in the country. This expansion and growth pattern has made Austin one of the top ranked cities for international investors in 2021, which marks a significant shift in investor interest and their strategies. According to the Association of Foreign Investors in real estate, … CONTINUE READING

Why Young People Are Moving to Austin in Droves

Great read on the multitude of reasons why Austin’s in-migration numbers are massively up as well as how Project Connect is and will impact that further! As younger generations continue to flock to Austin, we agree that it would be wise for real estate investors to take advantage of this population increase and strategically place affordable properties along the light rails that will soon be in our city.  … CONTINUE READING

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